Spinning Gravity Into Renewable Energy

From Oregon to Johannesburg, 
Micro-hydro Offers Solution to Drought Hit Cities.


Portland’s New Pipes Harvest Power From Drinking Water


The LucidPipe™ Power System

Harvests Renewable Energy from Gravity-fed Municipal Water Pipelines


Water flowing downhill builds up considerable pressure, which must be reduced before delivery to customers.


Using patented, spherical turbines that spin as water passes through them, LucidPipe converts an otherwise untapped energy source, the excess head pressure, into electricity.


Create clean, carbon-free electricity with no negative impacts on water delivery or the environment.

Clean Renewable Energy

An untapped source of clean energy is flowing 24/7 beneath cities and towns around the world: excess pressure in gravity-fed municipal water pipelines.

What if we could harness some of that excess pressure to generate environmentally-friendly hydropower without disrupting water delivery?

Now we can, with the LucidPipe Power System.

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Who’s Talking About Us

PGE's goal is to be our customers' partner in helping to build a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy future for Oregon. We're pleased to integrate new generating technologies and applications like LucidPipe into our system when they offer cost-effective solutions for our customers and the environment.
Director of Origination, Structuring and Resource Strategy for Portland General Electric (PGE)

Through a Power Purchase Agreement, Portland General Electric purchases renewable energy produced by the Portland, Oregon LucidPipe Power System

LucidPipe is a way to generate electricity from our biggest asset and reduce the cost of delivery for our customers.
Portland Water Bureau Administrator

Portland Water Bureau installed the first 4-turbine LucidPipe Power System, which came online in January 2015.

Lucid Energy showed us how to turn the extra energy we were wasting each day into power with minimal changes to existing infrastructure. Now we have a system that will provide us with renewable energy for years to come.
Assistant General Manager of Water Operations for Riverside Public Utilities

Riverside Public Utilities debuted the first LucidPipe Power System prototype in February 2010.

The ability to utilize existing municipal infrastructures to create a continuous renewable energy source is what green technology development is all about.
Former General Manager, Riverside Public Utilities

Riverside Public Utilities was awarded the AWWA 2011 Outstanding Energy Management Award for its ongoing use of The LucidPipe Power System to generate electricity.

Lucid Energy is a game changer for water agencies, which constitute the world’s largest consumers of energy.
Founder of OurCrowd

From a World Water story. OurCrowd is an investor in Lucid Energy.

There’s a connection between the amount of energy to move water around and the amount of water needed to generate electricity. This technology is at the intersection of that.
Portland State University

From a Guardian story